Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Progress Report

The past few days have been pretty much the same, eating (mostly) whole low-fat foods with minimal processing.

Breakfast is about a pound of veggies and some type of starch, usually potatoes.

Broccoli and Potatoes for Breakfast photo collage_20150304114357351_zpsiobjqqmr.jpg

Lunch is a salad and leftovers from the night before.

And dinner is a low-fat soup/stew, sometimes served over a potato.

Irish White Bean and Cabbage Stew photo 20150306_132842_zpsooqp66bn.jpg

Zuppa Vegana photo IMG_20150304_134105_zpsqznwdvr7.jpg

I walked a few times, actually met a fitness goal of mine by reaching a certain spot on the beach I've been eyeing for a while now!

03.05.15 Beach Walk photo 1425561190191_zpsny2umkwl.jpg

03.05.15 Beach Walk2 photo 1425562436504_zpsr0cijake.jpg

I am still having my morning coffee and a glass of wine here & there, but have cut back substantially on my salt intake. I ordered these salt-free spices from Benson's and have been enjoying experimenting with them.

Bensons Spices photo 20150305_113457_zpsftvlnjbk.jpg

Overall, things are going very well. I'm experiencing fewer cravings for junk food and even though the scale isn't moving much, my clothes feel looser and my tummy looks flatter! I'll take that progress any day!

I'll pop back later in the week with some recipes.

Have a great day,

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