Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tales from the Road: St Augustine, Florida

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Chip is working in St Augustine once again, allowing us to spend time in one of our favorite Florida cities. We have the motorhome parked at Indian Forest Campground, as usual, can't beat the location for the price.

We headed north yesterday morning, rolled into town by lunchtime. One of the best things about RV travel is the ability to store and prepare your own meals, especially if you're on any sort of "diet." While I can find something to eat at most restaurants, I enjoy the security of knowing that my own healthy food back at home should I need it. Most of the time, I like my own cooking better anyway!
So, while Chip got everything hooked up outside, I popped my meal in the microwave and gobbled it up.

 photo 80184E7F-748D-4301-8B86-CA4203305099_zpszdhafehr.jpg
Indonesian Stir-Fry  Noodles

We walked around town for a bit and then stopped at OC White's for lunch. Since I'd already eaten, I was content with a snack, or so I thought! This Caribbean Citrus Salad was a huge pile of spring greens topped with pineapple, mandarin oranges, toasted coconuts and almonds. So good and refreshing on this unseasonably hot day!

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After lunch we walked over to the Lichtner Museum, spent some time soaking up the beautiful art & culture.

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Happy Hour was spent at the Tiny Martini Bar, best Cosmo ever! Chip gives rave reviews for his Manhattan as well.

 photo 85CBA546-118A-40DC-96DC-9EEFC5FFCF9F_zps9a1javto.jpg

In addition to delicious drinks, we also enjoyed great conversation with new friends: Matthew and Courtney from Charleston, SC and Brooke, a newly-graduated University of Florida Mechanical Engineer. (Go Gators!)

I hesitate to share with you our dinner experience because it was a mix of good and bad. While the food at The Tasting Room was satisfactory, we had a little issue with our coupon that soured us a bit. Since the manager eventually honored the certificate, I'll refrain from elaborating, but we probably won't be going back there. Oh, and I'd like to mention one thing: too much oil spoils an otherwise delicious dish! So many chefs make the mistake of compensating for lack of meat with extra oil! My vegetables and grains taste just fine without drowning them in fat, thank you very much!

Today we are headed back home, looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Hope you have a nice one as well!


  1. I love being able to live vicariously through you and your travels :)

    1. Laura,

      I'd love to have you along, we'd have so much fun!